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PT and Group PT


From a survival point of view, losing weight means that you are slowly dying as you are burning off more than you are taking in.

Psychologically it is also incredibly draining and depressive.


At InPeak, we are all about making people strong, as not only is increasing strength increasing survival, but it also helps to counteract the negative psychological effects associated with weight loss. We focus on keeping/ gaining muscle through this process in order to shape the body you desire.


We focus on making fun, effective training programmes specifically tailored to your body and movement patterns which are analysed in a series of biomechanical assessments.  A 7 point system with medicinal purpose callipers is used to detect hormonal imbalances that affect how your body retains fat.


We help round the clock with your nutritional and lifestyle habits and make sure each meal plan is tailor made to the individual as no one food plan is right for everyone. Any hormonal imbalances detected are combated to assist our body sculpting process is effective.


Group Training 

Prefer training with friends, colleagues or others with a similar fitness level? Why not try our more cost effective Group Pt sessions? We only take 6 on at one time, so it still delivers personal service.

We pride ourselves on using instructors that have an impressive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and exercise science, not only are our group sessions fun, they are strategically put together to produce the best results in the shortest time possible.


The science behind our method..


Lactic acid production through resistance exercise and small rest intervals helps promote HGH (human growth hormone) produced by the pituitary gland, this magic hormone keeps you looking young and burns fat. 

Multi joint movements, alternating from high to low causes increased blood flow, to have a far better impact on your metabolic rate.

Core exercises are used to build a strong and stable core that enables your torso to hold your spine correctly and look good.

Keeping it fun- Exercise is hard enough as it is, we ensure we always do something different and we may even give you a moment to smile.


You will carry out your sessions in a brand new, private, state of the art cool, funky studio with the latest equipment. 

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