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Sport Massage


Sports Massage uses deep manipulation of the soft tissue to address imbalances and common aches and pains. 

It is very effective in releasing tension and restoring balance in your musculoskeletal system.

Massage has been used for thousands of years to treat ailments and injuries. It has been proven to help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate and pain, and most importantly cortisol levels - the ‘stress’ hormone. 


For those who are very athletic it can play an important role in your recovery and ultimately performance. It’s often used to prevent minor injuries from occurring, ideal if you’re preparing for an event or marathon. Alternatively, if you’re currently recovering from a sporting injury it can also benefit greatly as it encourages the body to heal and may reduce recovery time. 


However, it’s not just for athletes, sports massage is for everyone. In fact very often it’s desk bound office workers with chronic pain that need help to lengthen and strengthen muscles and joints. 


Benefits of Sports Massage:

• Relieve muscular soreness 

• Increase muscle flexibility and range of motion

• Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

• Relieve pain from soft tissue injuries

• Remove metabolic waste and toxins from tissues

• Improve sleep and recovery rate

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues

• Support and enhance the immune system

• Breakdown fibrous scar tissue and adhesions

• Promote the soft tissue healing process

• Reduce risk of injury



When to have a Sports Massage:

• In preparation for an event 

• Recovering from an event 

• Following an injury 

• When performing activity on a regular basis

• When feeling tight, tense, sore or increased DOMS

• Anyone with acute or chronic soft tissue injuries

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