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Testimonials - Rehabilitation 

Excellent session with James today, showing that with the latest technology you can get the job done. 

Marvin Edwards- Sprinter international Masters GB

Adductor injury 


I couldn't play with my children because of my bad back, and after only 2 sessions at InPeak, I can now pick them pain free!

Ryan Reagan 

Lower back


What a difference! InPeak has made it possible for me to return to normal activities pain free, and helped re-educate me regarding nutritional intake, ensuring my body is functioning at its best. Thanks! 

Gill Carr 

Hip & back 


I'm a PGA Class AA England and Cheshire golf coach. I was in a lot of pain with back issues, day one I was assured of pain elimination. I couldn't raise my arms to lift anything off a shelf or play golf, after 2-3 sessions all the pain was gone! 

Peter Barber 

Neck & lower back


Over a few years I have had my shoulder, knee and wrist rehabilitated at InPeak. I am always surprised at how quickly they identify the issue and provide treatment that delivers quick results. 

Antony Gay

Shoulder, knee & wrist 

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