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Testimonials - Training and Nutrition

Testimonial: 'Having trained with James in a gym for many years, training online is a completely new experience for me. James kept me focused and with little equipment, I was still able to do a really good workout. I will continue to do online training with James, until his gym is allowed to reopen’.(Due to government lockdown). 

Sue Morrison


I had a remote session with James yesterday. I did it in my lounge and connected through an iPad. Had a really good workout yesterday (James has this knack of pushing you even through an iPad!) I feel brilliant for doing today for having done it. I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise other than going for a walk so will definitely be keeping these sessions while staying at home.  Thanks James. 

Sally Hunt


Thank you James for the video session, you where helpful setting it up and I found it motivational, instructive and encouraging throughout making it comfortable to be involved.


Adrian Roberts 


Hi James 
I was surprised at how good a workout I had today, Just as good as in your gym . My footstool and water-filled milk carton proved perfectly adequate as did the ropes tied to the telegraph pole.
Big advantage  - I can see when you turn your back and cheat!

Stella Percival 


“James is by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. He covers everything not just physical fitness but also advises on diet and general wellbeing I have been with him over a year and the results have been truly astonishing and life changing “



Karen Jackson


InPeak turned me into the Adonis I am today.

Max Henderson 


Amazing results losing 10% body fat within 10 months of post operation rehab, diet and exercise, thank you very much!

James Webb


I was recommended by a colleague to speak to James and with his help and guidance my life now is unrecognisable to the one I had before, having greatly exceeded my expectations of what I thought was possible.  Prior to visiting James I was seriously overweight and unfit and with James's help and guidance I have lost 8 stone in weight, got fit and learned a healthier way to eat and live.


What made James's program work so well for me was that his knowledge is enormous in so many different aspects of what he does, and he explains not just what to do but also why you do it, in way that makes it easy to understand, which then makes it easy to buy into what you're doing.


I can't thank James enough or recommend him highly enough for the difference that his guidance has made to my life.

Mark Graham 


I met James at a Business event in January 2010 and had been thinking about getting a personal trainer for quite some time prior to that.


I have been to lots of Keep-Fit classes – Aerobics/Step etc, but got fed up with the boring routines and the teacher ‘shouting’ into a microphone with the deafening music in the background.


Although I have always been slim, I have developed the unsightly cellulite round my thighs over the years, and was determined to get rid of it once and for all.


I started having personal training sessions once a week and then after 5 months, twice a week.


It isn’t just about having an exercise programme specifically designed for me but having someone to motivate me to get fit and tone up. 


Over the past year and a half, my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved more than I ever thought possible and with advice from James, I have cut out most of the rubbish food I was eating and now follow a healthy food plan. (I thought nothing of eating a box of jam tarts or a whole bag of wine gums!)


I still have the odd treat but I have completely changed the way I eat now, viewing foods in a different way and trying to eat mainly protein and vegetables; vary rarely having bread, potatoes, desserts etc.


I used to have pains in my stomach after I ate bread and wheat products but since cutting them out, I have had no problems.


I have noticed a vast improvement in my thighs and my energy levels have soared since I have been eating healthily.


Going twice a week, my personal training sessions have become a way of life and even if I’m tired when I arrive, I leave feeling energised.


James is a real inspiration and is very passionate about what he does. I would recommend James to anyone looking for a trainer. He varies the sessions so you never get bored and is very flexible if ever I need to change the time.


It has definitely been money well spent.

Sue Morrison


James is a delight to have as an instructor, we have had several circuit class teachers over the years (my membership being 15yrs), we've had good , bad and non descriptive.....however James started at Mottram as a leisure assistant and was whitty, professional and thoughtful at all times, he has, I am grateful to say taken on a massive role of bettering his career into becoming Mottram Halls regular circuit class coach and personal trainer, of which I am very proud of him to have come to get to such a level through shear determination, few words on James :::

·         Eager    - to get things in order

·         Has bags of Tenacity - to gain more members for both circuit and Personal training

·         Drive - Has the drive to push clients that extra mile - to lose the extra inches

·         Personality - Just lovely !!

·         Fun 

·         Cheeky ! with heart

·         Helpful 

·         Fabulous knowledge of the body muscles and diet

·         Professional in all he does, his appearance and job

·         Loyal 

·         Variety - great to have variety in the classes

·         Friend 

this here concludes my testimonial of James, but to wish him all the very best - just don't ever leave Mottram ...... 


Soozie Bloomfield 


I have been training with James now for about 7 months.

His diet and exercise plan have been fantastic and are extremely well researched and delivered in a most courteous and professional waywhilst still retaining a great sense of fun and humour.

I have no hesitation in recommending James to friends and colleagues and indeed I have done.

Good luck James you are doing a great job

Nigel Hunter 


Rarely have I seen a personal trainer achieve such consistent high

results !!

James initially works on a programme together with you.

He then relentlessly ensures you stick to it's objectives.

The sessions are packed with novel exercises and drills - never


As you become fitter, then even if the sessions become more intense,


sort of don't notice this increased intensity.

If you stick to his programme , you will encounter a life changing

experience !!!

James is dynamite --- bagsy him before some Olympic Committee poaches

him !!


Edmund K


“James offers an excellent all-round

personal training service that he tailors to each individual’s requirements and

he combines this with informative nutritional advice. I quickly, but sensibly,

achieved great results in terms of weight loss, muscle building and, more

importantly, my general health and well-being. What’s more James is very

personable and easy to get along with which makes the whole process that little

bit easier!”

Andrew Scott


“James is a great fitness instructor. All his classes are

challenging but fun. Whether you’re on a real fitness mission or



just want to keep fit and have fun, his classes suit everyone.

James varies his programmes so training never gets boring and



he’s a great motivational trainer (without being bossy !) 

All participants finish classes feeling worn out but on a high!



So keep up the good work James – and we will too!”



"The one on one boxing

tutorial with James is the highlight of my week. James is a brilliant and

motivating teacher and whether it is learning new techniques, improving

balance, coordination and definitely fitness, each session leaves me exhausted

and yet wanting to develop further."


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