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Biomechanics is and intensive look into the mechanics and alignment of your anatomy. Once mechanical alignment is restored the body can then operate effectively, ensuring high performance and reduction of pain and injury. Fast, effective assessment and correction. 


Rehabilitation is about assessing you, sourcing the problem, then prescribing you the right therapist with the designated skill set, that can then eliminate your pain permanently in the fastest time possible. 

Personal Training

InPeak has been created with a background of technical skill sets that has been then formulated into an easy to follow step by step programme, that covers every aspect of your health. Personal Training can be tailored for anyone, regardless of age, fitness level and ability.

"We take care of the science,
you experience the results."

Analysing the entirety of your health…

Pioneers in all
our subjects 

Specially selected individuals that are technical, passionate, polite and professional, we educate ourselves and together, continuously researching and staying one step ahead of the game. We strive to be the best in our field, in all our given subjects.

Science behind all
that we carry out

Education and experience are the key behind our success… Learning advance Personal Training skills in London, Strength and conditioning in Sweden and Fascial manipulation in Italy. InPeak believes knowledge is directly correlated to the success and results from your clients. 

Every aspect of
health covered 

We regularly hear that its all about diet and exercise, I have seen clients get both factors on point and still not get the results they wanted, why? There is a lot more to it than this, hormones, sleep, stress, toxicity, digestion, thyroid function, low muscle mass percentage to name a few. 

About Inpeak

InPeak is a niche concept that combines everything human body related all under one roof.  


We have key specialist in our team that can improve your quality of life, from looks, pain to performance, in a far superior time scale than some of the best trainers or therapists in the area. ​

We excel in seeing your lifestyle and body as an integrated set of components all essential to work alongside each other, one component of dysfunction could let down the whole engine. We strive to create a healthy functioning human being that moves through life at a much easier pace, looking better, moving better and most importantly feeling better. 

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