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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

When we think of insulin we usually think of type two diabetes, when insulin effects everybody.

Fat does not make you fat sugar makes you fat, fact.

Sugar is toxic to the system and causes metabolic damage. We have a hormone designed to clear sugar out of our blood stream called Insulin.

Think of Insulin as cleaner and a taxi driver.

Insulin responds to any increase in blood glucose levels, cleans the sugar out of the blood then proceeds to drive it away into the cells of the body. Let’s refer to him as a well needed worker.

Now when we were 1st on earth he carried out his job efficiently, a human eats a berry for instance, Mr worker comes out due to the natural blood sugar increase, then cleans it up and drives it away. This system worked.

Fast forward to modern day, processed foods, liquidized fruit, manmade sugar and refined carbs. The cleaner now has a lot of work on his hands, running back and forth trying to clear up all the mess (sugar) we are putting into our bodies.

When the worker becomes overworked he then becomes tired, exhausted, then finally stops working. Fast forward you get a new worker, in an injection form, at certain times of the day you inject your new worker into your body, because your natural one no longer works, this makes you a type two diabetic!

Type one diabetics are born with a poor, or none existing cleaner, type two diabetics have created this problem.

When a person’s insulin works efficiently, they can lose body fat and keeping it off, even if now and then they veer away from their healthy eating plan. Good insulin efficiency is correlated to the low level of body fat around the tummy and love handle area, we call this insulin sensitivity.

When someone's insulin is sluggish and ineffective, they are very capable of accumulating body fat easily, even if they are eating healthy food some of the time, usually Monday to Friday then reverting to their old ways for most of the weekend. This is strongly correlated to the large amount of body fat they accumulate quite quickly, around their tummy and love handle area, we call this insulin resistance.

In the InPeak hormone related body fat assessment we measure the skin fold thickness of the umbilical and suprailliac (tummy and sides) area, to give us an idea of insulin sensitivity or resistance.

Insulin becoming low or dormant is healthy for the body. This increase the bodies sensitivity to insulin, so it works more efficiently. Think of it like the worker finally stops working and gets to have a well needed sleep. This process has many positive effects, from increases muscle nutrient absorption, fat loss, body composition maintenance and improved mental clarity and good health now and later in life.

There are several ways you can increase your bodies sensitivity to insulin.

Regular exercise, healthy whole food diet, intermittent fasting and certain natural supplements lead the way to an increase in insulin sensitivity.

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